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Voodoo Gospels radio show

Thank god it's Thursday met Pablo Discobol. 



This show hosts the following genres of music: Downtempo, IDM, Acid House, Breakbeat, Electro,

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Thursday 21 June

Episode 10,830: Tachophobia (the musical)

Listen Listen (01:41m @ 320 kbps)

Thursday 7 June

Episode 10.829: Eurotophobia

Listen Listen (01:34m @ 320 kbps)

Thursday 26 April

Episode 10.828: Herpetophobia

Listen Listen (01:34m @ 320 kbps)

Thursday 5 April

Episode 10.827: Misophonic

Listen Listen (01:33m @ 320 kbps)

Thursday 15 March

Episode 10.826: batrachophobia

Listen Listen (01:41m @ 320 kbps)