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There are no upcoming shows at the moment. However, below is the list of available recorded shows.

Available shows:

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Next Movement  
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Nautic Radio Groningen

Nautic Radio Groningen is an internet radio station from Groningen. We broadcast live internet radio streams, mostly from shows based in Groningen. Tune in to one of our live radio shows and go chat with the DJs and other listeners, or tune in to one of the recorded shows.

Recorded shows

Have you missed your favorite show? Check out its show page and tune in to the recorded stream, listen to an individual show podcast or add the podcast feed to your music player. For more information on the podcast feeds, see below.

Upcoming shows

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Podcasts are episodes of our radio shows in MP3 format that you can subscribe to with your media player. The media player will then automatically download the latest episodes in MP3 for you.  To add a podcast to your favorite media player, do the following: Go to the show you would like a podcast of, then right-click on the podcast link to copy the link location. Finally, open your media player and paste the link into the add podcast/feed dialog.

A few explanations:



Nautic Radio exists for more than 15 years now. We started off as a pirate underground FM radio station in and around Groningen. After a few years, the internet offered a wider audience and so the switch was made to Shoutcast Radio. Ever since we have been broadcasting weekly shows.


The studios

These days every show has its own studio. However, Nautic Radio started off in a room in Simplon, a pop stage in Groningen. Each show has their own DJs and guests dropping by, which was sometimes a bit much for the small rooms. When the room became too small for some shows, they decided to move out and get their own studio in Groningen.

Every now and then Nautic Radio is broadcast on location. On the Gideon Festival in Groningen, for instance, Nautic Radio hosted a stage in 2009.

Shoutcast players

Ever wondered how to actually tune in and listen? Use one of the following players:

VLC (Win, Mac OSX, *nix)
Winamp (Windows)
Foobar2000 (Windows)
XMMS (Linux)
Rhythmbox (Linux)
iTunes (Mac, Win)
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